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Ansible by Red Hat

The Cybersecurity Landscape by Momentum partners

Jediism ? But Jedi is not a ‘religion’ !!! I am not a god    

Tips for ‘crazy’ entrepreneurs

  I got this photo from USA TODAY newspaper. “If you plan to try something new, you should expect to be called nuts. … I made it my motto: ‘Crazy is a compliment.’ ” Fully agree with this.

Antidisciplinary & Antidivisionary

  Do not think about boundary or limit on innovation.

In my life…

My first startup company “E.Run” in my life at 1998

  1998.3, I established my first company in my life. Business was Multilingual domain business. I found this screen shot at Pusan newspaper eventually.  

A good book about Big data


Benchmark of Key Value store DB(LMDB vs RocksDB:)

  Sysmas tested Benchmark at Sept. 2014. I’ve been using LMDB from 2012. Before considering FaceBook’s RocksDB, I reviewed many benchmarks of RocksDB. But really disappointed from this benchmark RocksDBpfx means Tuning version of RocksDB. but it’s terribly difficult and… Continue Reading →

“StarWars episode VII” filming location is leaked by Drone

  It’s leaked by UAV’s pilot Starwars ordered Droneshield for preventing similar problem.    

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