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The Cybersecurity Landscape by Momentum partners

Jediism ? But Jedi is not a ‘religion’ !!! I am not a god    

Tips for ‘crazy’ entrepreneurs

  I got this photo from USA TODAY newspaper. “If you plan to try something new, you should expect to be called nuts. … I made it my motto: ‘Crazy is a compliment.’ ” Fully agree with this.

Antidisciplinary & Antidivisionary

  Do not think about boundary or limit on innovation.

In my life…

My first startup company “E.Run” in my life at 1998

  1998.3, I established my first company in my life. Business was Multilingual domain business. I found this screen shot at Pusan newspaper eventually.  

A good book about Big data


Benchmark of Key Value store DB(LMDB vs RocksDB:)

  Sysmas tested Benchmark at Sept. 2014. I’ve been using LMDB from 2012. Before considering FaceBook’s RocksDB, I reviewed many benchmarks of RocksDB. But really disappointed from this benchmark RocksDBpfx means Tuning version of RocksDB. but it’s terribly difficult and… Continue Reading →

“StarWars episode VII” filming location is leaked by Drone

  It’s leaked by UAV’s pilot Starwars ordered Droneshield for preventing similar problem.    

SPDY can be speedy and safe, simple with current IT environment?

  SPDY protocol has many advantages for making better Web infra. But, still there are so many problem for making widely use on old sites. also, users are using still old version of web browsers. IE case only ver 11… Continue Reading →

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