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SPDY can be speedy and safe, simple with current IT environment?

  SPDY protocol has many advantages for making better Web infra. But, still there are so many problem for making widely use on old sites. also, users are using still old version of web browsers. IE case only ver 11… Continue Reading →

Bem.TV, Hybrid CDN approach to HLS

    It’s using HLS, WebRTC, Clappr

Comparison of streaming servers

  I found this graph on MistServer project site. DDVTech’s MistServer is a nice open source streaming server. it supports HLS too. Nice guys in Netherlands.

Light Weight HTTP Daemon Monkey for IoT   Mokey uses epoll,.. Wow, faster than G-Wan, I can’t believe   Monkey’s internals Features HTTP/1.1 Compliant Hybrid Networking Model: Asynchronous mode + fixed Threads Indented configuration style Versatile plugin subsystem / API x86, x86_64… Continue Reading →

SoftEther – A good open source VPN

I’ve been waiting announce of GNU licence of this project for long time. There was some legal problem with a Big Japanese company on this project. Now it’s possible to use freely Thank you, Daiyuu Nobori at University of Tsukuba.

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